Social Relations With Co-Workers

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    I'm sure there's already been a post about this but I'm curious and tired of looking. Have any of you guys dated co-workers, either in your department or just in the hospital? I'm weighing the pro's and con's and I'm curious to see the positives and negatives from an man's perspective who has been through the situation.

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    Hospitals are usually fairly big places, so it probably wouldn't be an issue unless one of you has a history of high drama in your relationships.

    Same unit/department? Might need to think more about that one.
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    Honestly, I have always stayed away from this type of situation. Basically, remember the old saying of "Don't poop where you eat"

    If something bad goes down, and you break up, then you are the "bad" guy. Just my 2 cents.
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    If you must at least make it a different department, nothing worse than having to work side by side with someone you just broke up with.

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