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    I am our SNA chapters new President. We always sell shirts and hoodies and such in the fall. We have quite a few guys in our schools nursing program. We have the options for the saying on the back, but I am having trouble with a symbol that is gender friendly for the front. Our School is Marshall University and last year we had a big M with a nursing cap on top of it and "Marshall University School of Nursing" underneath. I liked it a lot but none of the guys bought shirts. I want them to feel like they can wear the shirts too. Any suggestions?

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    When I think of nursing cap, I think of female nurses because I have never seen a male nurse wear a cap. I think it would be cool to maybe have your school logo in the front upper corner (left or right) the size of a closed fist, and on the back you can have a Caduceus which is a cool medical symbol and maybe below it have it say Marshall University school of nursing. Try doing a simple computer sketch and show it to males and females and get a vote on it.
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    I don't think any of the women in my program could relate to the "cap" and I damn sure wouldn't wear anything with it either. Stick to gender neutral at the very least.

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