my research in health economics

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    hi there!im here to ask for help about my research in health economics..its all about the DEMAND OF FILIPINO NURSES IN ABROAD AND THEIR HELP/IMPLICATION TO PHILIPPINE problem here is that i dont have books and materials to look here to ask u all for youre help.can u give me some web sites to look for or if you have articles or research send me pls. heres my email me pls.

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    There are several posts here that will help you............if you look on the left side of the initial page of this forum, you will usually see spme type of posting regarding Filipino nurses working either in the US or in the UK.

    You can also do a search on this site and will find quite a bit of info to help you. You may also want to post this under the "International" section.
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    hi thnx for the reply!!!ok...

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