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  1. 0 my name is chris, and i just got familiar with the website and i love it. i love the resources. i just got accepted to a BSN program for RN (its a three year program). i am 22 years old, male from los angeles.
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    Hi Chris. Good luck to you in school. Welcome to Allnurses!
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    Hi chris! Im Ryann from the Philippines, 28 y/o. I just want you to know that we are going in the same path my friend. I'm also taking up nursing. Although it's a four year course, I have to be patient and strive hard for my higher goals. Always think that we can make a difference eventhough we are guys! Good luck on your studies!
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    [font=impact][font=system]thanks you too, but your taking a four year course, mine is three years for bsn, i feel like "finally i made it" eventhough its just the entrance part, but you know what its a damn good feeling... i start this fall, but this whole last year and half for the prerequests
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