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    I am student nurse male and i am in third level now , but when i was go to make membership in many nursing websites for student and other i have problem they accept membership only from american ppl or who is live in USA , i live in palestine Gaza

    how u can help me for that

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    Which groups are you trying to join?
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    Well, you hit the best site, my friend. Although based in USA, we are International in scope regarding our membership. The only requirement here is that English is only spoken on the board...for all members, regardless of country.
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    Quote from suzanne4
    Which groups are you trying to join?

    Nursing , Student nursing and travel nursing group

    some group can support me like ( sholarships , Books with discount and didnt required visa or master card , magzine & travel ) :angel2:
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    If you haven't already checked them out, we have many forums here..Several nursing student forums, Travel Nursing forum, and International Nursing forum. All can be accessed from our list of forums via the pull down tab, Nursing Discussions, at the top of page.
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