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I'm in at COM!

  1. 0 I just got my acceptance letter at College of Marin RN program! I'm working on background checks, drug testing, etc. This is a big career change for me. I'll be 47 when the program starts in August. Really looking forward to getting started.
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    Congrats Norm.
    I'm 53 and currently doing prereqs. If accepted to The Mary Grimes School of Nursing in SE Kansas I'll be starting in a year.
    What had you been doing? I'd been building and remodeling for thirty years.
    Best wishes for you on your career change.
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    Thanks M. My wife and I have our own business, but since the economy went bad, I started going back to school. We had to close one of our two stores, and I managed to get into my previous job as a tile salesman. That's what I'm doing currently.

    Good luck to you as well. It's really nothing more than hard work!
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    Well I'm 44 and start my BSN program on Tuesday...Good luck to all of us!

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