Clumsy awkward guy

  1. Yep. I'm a clumsy awkward guy. I always l trip on stuff, do something stupid for some reason, I'm awkward that my normal habits seem to become to make people think I'm always nervous. I always stare through people and I do it unconsciously its embarrassing.
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  3. by   SlyFoxRN
    A lot of people are like that...who cares. Just ignore other people's opinions and do what you need to do.
  4. by   Fireman767
    make sure you dont become a liability. if a hospital sees you as a liability and less as an asset, its tough to warrant keeping you. I would work on your balance. and the awkwardness needs go away. I knew many nursing students who either were asked to leave the program because they didnt give the warm nice feeling a nurse should give, or they couldnt keep up with the standards of nursing (patients switched them off their service, or they did something wrong). for the first few weeks or so its ok, but the instructors will expect you to become comfortable and not awkward around the patients.
  5. by   juan.ramirez0426
    That is troublesome news as apart from being clumsy, I have Social Anxiety Disorder. Hopefully I can keep it in check.