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cali corecrtional nursing agency

  1. 0 hey guys,
    i live in california and looking for some agencies that will link me to a correctional nursing job, can you give me some names of agencies or how to apply?, thanks. i consider myself a new grad but do have 6 months of nursing home experience etc.
    thanks guys and plz reply.
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    I really have no important information from you, I just wanted to say that one of my instructors is a NP for the Orange County Jail. I am really not sure how you would get a job doing this but I can ask her when I see her next and try to get back to you.....of course, we dont start again until late like I said, this post may not be at all helpful to you but Ill do what I can. :-)
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    every little help is better than nothing, let me know how that goes and glad you replied. bye for now.