Almost done.

  1. Three more weeks to go and I'll finally be finished. Even though I don't post a whole lot i have been in here reading more than a little bit these past few years and have had a few laughs and more than a little insight. Thanks.

    I'm now trying to figure out what I want to do for a living. I have a choice between an internship at a level 2 hospital, a staff nurse position in GYN/PEDS, and a staff position in a GMU at a level 1 hospital. I ultimately want to be in a level 1 ER so I'm leaning towards the GMU position, but if I go to the level 2 hospital I will get into their ER faster and gain some ER experience. And the internship will provide me with NCLEX prep and a much smoother transition from student to nurse. Any advice?
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