wait times to get in Maine programs??? Urock??

  1. How long is the typical waiting time to get into nursing school in Maine? I plan on going to Univ. College in Rockland. Does anyone know how long it takes to get in? Can anyone tell me about the program there?
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  3. by   erica029
    It depends on whether or not you have completed all the prerequisites. At the least you will need high school Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra. Then the wait list is about two-three years due to limited clinical sites. Also, I have heard that Augusta only accepts Rockland students every other year. The program is based upon first come (with complete reqs), first served. This is regardless of grades or completed courses unlike other colleges in the area. For this reason, I am looking at Central Maine Community College and KVCC. If you don't mind the wait, then schedule an appointment with an adviser.