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University of Southern Maine

  1. 0 Hello,
    I was wondering if anyone else is a transfer student who has applied to USM's traditional BSN program for Fall 2013 cohort. Does anyone know when we should hear back with an answer?
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    I have applied. We should hear back March/April. No news is good new right?
    Good Luck!!
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    Perfect. Thank you very much for the response. Good luck to you as well!
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    I hear some people are already starting to get the letters. have any of you gotten a letter?
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    I know this thread is old, but I applied for the 2015 start date.
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    were you accepted? I am applying for the 2017 start date. I am incredibly anxious over it. I have all of the prerequisites completed and a 3.5 gpa, but I still feel like I will not get in since i am a transfer student.

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