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UNE, Anyone?

  1. 0 I am thinking of applying to its ADN program.Is anyone here currently enrolled?
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    I got to UNE. Do you have any particular questions about it?
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    I would like to apply to the program. What is the admissions process like? My aim is to attend for the first 2 years, get my RN and then go right to work.
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    The admission process wasn't a big deal at all. I was surprised by that with all the other school requiring tests and such. All I did was apply and I had all my transcripts sent and there it was. I was accepted. I don't know when but I heard that they were going to change to a straight BSN program. What other schools are you looking into?

    Because UNE is a privet school, it's wicked expenisve too. Good luck in applying. if you have anyother questions let me know.
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    How do you like their program so far?

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