St. Joe's RN to MSN program....

  1. 0 Morning all....

    Is anyone here familiar with this program at St Joe's in Standish??
    Just checking out my options. I'm already enrolled in a BSN completion program....but someone asked why I didn't apply here. To tell you the truth....It was the first I had heard of St. Joe's program.

    Any info you have would be greatly appreciated. I plan on calling them later today....but I like to have other sources of info other than the school itself. Thanks!!
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    I'm in it. I sort of fell into it, it was local and had the specialty I wanted (nursing ed) I didnt really realize the distance program option.
    However, I have done really well with it and I like it.
    I hope to graduate this May.:mortarboard:
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    I've heard many good things about St. Joe's.
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    Enrolled....loving every minute of it!! :smilecoffeeIlovecof

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