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  1. Im a newbie! Just started my prereqs at EMCC in Bangor. Im doing my courses online and have to wait until Feb 2013 to actually apply for the Nursing program. Im doing AP, Chem and Psych. Anyone else attending school here?? Would love to talk to someone local!
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  3. by   davidmalay
    I happened upon your post while searching journal articles for a project. I am finishing my first year in EMCC's nursing program. It is a great program, well respected by medical staff in the hospitals, and it has the highest pass rate on the NCLEX of all the nursing programs in the area. Don't let anyone tell you different. Good luck with your pre-reqs. Try your best to get at least Bs in each; An A is better for your consideration during admission screening. Study up on the HESI and take it early so you can then sit back and relax. Feel free to ask any questions you might have.