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New Grad Prospects

  1. 0 Hi everyone! I was wondering what new graduate opportunities are like in Maine right now? I don't graduate for a long time, May 2011, but I want to get a sense of how this recession is trending up there. I live in Georgia currently (Hubby's in military) and we really want to move back home. Have things been getting better or worse lately? Thanks!
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    Right now they are not good... hiring freezes and "only nurses with experience jobs". Its tough and discouraging now I am moving out of state and I hope it will be better. There are just not that many options for new nurses. Maybe by 2011 it will be better though!!
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    Not good at all right's really kind of discouraging to be a new grad
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    In general there is no nursing shortage in Maine. But don't be overly discouraged! I just graduated from CMMC College of Nursing in May of 2010. Several of my classmates including myself received job offers before we had graduated, pending passing the NCLEX. The hospital I applied to was not even advertising new grad positions. Submit a resume anyway, you never know! I am not aware of anyone in our class of 40-something graduates who hasn't found a job since graduation.
    Best wishes to you!