Moving to Portland, ME?

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    How is the nursing job situation in Portland, ME? I am currently a student in Pennsylvania and have no idea what it is like there, as well as, how to go about doing it. Please inform. Thanks.


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    Moving to the Maine Nursing forum to help you get more targeted responses. Best of luck on the move and the job hunt.
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    The RN job market is VERY tight here in Portland. Maine Medical Center and Mercy Hospital are the two major facilities but they often hire from within (i.e. CNA's who are now new RN's). Fewer nurses are retiring and the floors rarely "grow". The hospitals are also only hiring BSN RN' didn't mention what your degree would be. There are more opportunities the farther north you go but it can get very rural up there!

    That being said, nursing/LTC facilities are more likely to have openings. I'm not sure what you are looking for.

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