Maine LD 1038, An act to prevent and report MRSA in Maine.

  1. On April 7 around 2pm, my proposal now called a LD1038 will be heard in front of the Maine Department of Health and Human Services. I invite all healthcare providers at all level, RNs, LPNs, NPs, EMTs, Paramedics, CNAs, and any others who care are are interested in preventing MRSA in Maine's hospitals to come to the hearing. If you cannot come, then write a letter to the HHS committee to support this bill. Call your local representatives and senators to support it. This is a very important piece of legislation. When this passes we continue our quest to propose more legislation to promote other preventative measures such as check lists, bundles, screening for other HAIs, education for HCWs at all levels, etc. It is a huge vast opening to a new culture of infection prevention, rather than reacting to already infected patients.
    Please, be pro active and support this bill in any way that you can. Come to the Capitol that day and show the Dept of HHS that YOU MEAN BUSINESS!! (not to step on Joe Bornsteins toes).
    Thank you.
    You can search the LD on the Maine legislation page.
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