LPN to BSN Program? Or should I get RN before moving to Maine?

  1. Hello all,

    Boyfriend and I are moving to Maine.

    I will be receiving my LPN in August 2014. I could work for a year, then do an ADN program here in MI.

    That puts us at 3+ years until the move.

    If I didn't get my RN prior to moving to Maine, which would allow us to move sooner, are there any LPN to BSN programs in Maine? I couldn't find any on the BON site, but I had a hard time navigating it anyway.

    Would there be a crazy long wait to get my ADN or BSN while working as an LPN in Maine?

    We're just trying to weight alternatives in the moving timeline.
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  3. by   us5morts
    No there are none. The closest one is at Salem state in MA.
  4. by   Sparrow91
    There are LPN to ADN programs though. You could get your ADN and then work on the BSN later.