LPN to BSN Program? Or should I get RN before moving to Maine?

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    Hello all,

    Boyfriend and I are moving to Maine.

    I will be receiving my LPN in August 2014. I could work for a year, then do an ADN program here in MI.

    That puts us at 3+ years until the move.

    If I didn't get my RN prior to moving to Maine, which would allow us to move sooner, are there any LPN to BSN programs in Maine? I couldn't find any on the BON site, but I had a hard time navigating it anyway.

    Would there be a crazy long wait to get my ADN or BSN while working as an LPN in Maine?

    We're just trying to weight alternatives in the moving timeline.
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    No there are none. The closest one is at Salem state in MA.
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    There are LPN to ADN programs though. You could get your ADN and then work on the BSN later.
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