6yr RN moving back to ME

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    I am an RN that received my degree in ME about 6 yrs ago. Six months after graduating I moved away to TN. Now my husband and I are moving back to ME in June. I have 1-2 yrs experience in med-surg, 4 yrs experience in ER, and 1-2 yrs experience with public health. I'm doing a little research in the nursing field in ME and wanted to hear from all of you. What do you feel are some strenghths for nurses in ME? What are some weaknesses? Any advice on where to work or where not to work? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance,
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    Really anywhere you can get a job is good. CMMC is expanding their ER and hiring, though it appeared only PT jobs, as of last year. Don't know where you're looking, but as you know, there are only a few hospital choices for such a big state.

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