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  1. 2 What do all y'all do for residents with MRSA in the nares? My nurses freak out over any report of MRSA anywhere. If it's in the nares or a small wound, or a penis there is NO need for a private room or any commotion. I wish they'd get this excited about keeping our residents in the facility instead of sending them out to the hospital.
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    We do not treat MRSA of the nares or give a private room. We just use good ole precautions like handwashing.
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    Wonder what's in their nares? Now that might really freak them out.
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    The last nursing home I was at, Public health told me that they needed to stay in their room (the resident was already in a private room) if he was coughing because he can be spreading it when he is coughing. That was public healths direction.
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    i bet i have mrsa in my nares. as does every other nurse. but you cant isolate a resident or tell them to stay in there room, if there that bad send them to the hospital,. but otherwise you use reverse precautions while the patient is out of his room

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