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    What process do your Therapists use to communicate their recomendations to the Nursing staff?
    Do they add to the Care Plan? or do the Nurses do it?

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    They tell us verbally.Quite often they write it on their white board.
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    They write te fim numbers on the board as well as how many people to transfer and what te best way is. (Slide board, stand pivot etc)

    "No day but today"
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    You scared thought I answered my own don't like this method. I think there should be a better paper trail.
    At the very least it should go on their eval...(Which they keep in files away from the chart) and on the care plan.
    Do you have any issues with this method?
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    We have a clipboard that has assignments and schedules, shower sheets, etc. The therapists print out a sheet that has transfer status, thickened liquids, special considerations, etc. For the whole unit. Leaves a nice paper trail.
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    Thank you all for replying. I was wondering how close we are to the "general" practice of most other facilities. I guess pretty much the same.

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