Suggestions to prepare for annual survey

  1. My facility has been through multiple complaint surveys recently. We just cleared and are expecting our annual any day now. I know that the items that were discovered on the complaint will be reviewed again however looking for additional ideas as to what other DON's are doing to prepare for annual.
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  3. by   VivaLasViejas
    Working on that one as we speak, even though I'm in assisted living and we're only surveyed biannually.......and they aren't due for another year

    But then, my philosophy of LTC is being survey-ready at all times. I have nightmares about seeing State walk in the door on a complaint survey when I'm six months behind on care plans, there's about a dozen expired insulin bottles in my refrigerator, and 18 of my residents' OTCs have no open dates on the labels. Maybe that's because I've experienced all of the above and more!

    Naturally, I've become conditioned to fear being caught flat-footed, so I've become anal-retentive about systems and having all my ducks in a row just in case.........because when those quackers aren't lined up, DONs find themselves scrambling for documentation and looking very, very incompetent. 'Taint worth it, believe me.