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  1. 0 Hello. I'm really unsure where to post this. Please point me in the right direction...
    I am trying to figure out what is the salary range for starting clinical management at IU Health Indy, and then for clinical director.
    I want to find this out within this specific organization, and not from google (i.e. where it is the average. I'm unsure if I need to contact HR, or if there is a career advisor. The people I work with do not know.
    I unsure whether to stick being a bsn RN, or if I want to exercise my mba and climb the ladder. So salary does make difference in my decision, as I am nearing 40 yrs old and want to make the correct choice. I have only been a nurse for 1 year, but time is ticking away and I want to get on a course. Thank you for any info. DM
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