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  1. This is about as close to same topic I could find for my question. I am an LPN in a LTC facility for two years, but started many years ago as a CNA in the same facility. Work in the Alzheimers Unit. My question: Does anyone out there who works in the state of Missouri know if there is any rule or regulation stating how many staff are required on a hall of lets say, 26 residents. The staff that I am referring to are 1 nurse (LPN), 1 licensed CNA and 1 NA. The CNA will be orienting the NA. I am informed at work that the student (NA) can be on the floor working after only two classes, just not allowed to take vital signs. Isn't this just a little unsafe for the residents, especially if they have never worked in LTC? I am very concerned and have talked about this to our DON, but as usual, getting no where. Has our health system failed that bad that all we care about is the almighty dollar? Please give some kind of an answer.
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