New administrator hates me

  1. I'm the DON. Had a great relationship with the last administrator, he had been here a long time but got escorted out year and a half ago. Got a new one- brand new, as in licensed that day. I am 100% sure he hates me. The quiz on yahoo- 20 signs your boss hates you- all of those signs apply. We get good surveys, my nurses do a great job, don't have holes in MARS, no decubitus, few falls etc. RUGs are going up. I do whatever is needed and have to cover floor shifts and work holidays a lot and weekend RN supervisor. I promise I am not lazy. Should I leave? Ask him point blank if I should resign? Never had bad relationships at work before, but after a year and half it is really starting to affect my self esteem and I have started to dread the man. Help
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  3. by   Aunt Slappy
    You're basing your opinion of your boss and trying to make employment decisions based on a Yahoo fluff article?

    Um.....good luck with that.
  4. by   oceanblue52
    You are not really giving specifics as to what the dynamics are or how this person is a bad boss. If you are more specific people can probably give better advice.