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National administrators week

  1. 0 Ihave the most unbelievable administrator in the world. She is always thinking of others and does so much for the staff. Does anyone have ideas for National administrators week which is only two weeks away?
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    How about a staff dinner honoring her and have some staff get up and speak a little. Find out her favorite meal, decorate in her favorite colors and give her a gift certificate to her favorite restaurant!
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    It is nice to hv an administrator that is as good as you say yours is. It is good to work closely with good people. I agree with ltcrn4life in addition I would have all participating staff go around the room and say something positive about her. Decorate her office too
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    How about collecting a few letters from residents and families too about how much she has meant to them, you could put them in a scrapbook type notebook for her to always have!! The residents would be thrilled to participate! Good Adm like good DON's are so valued and sometimes hard to come by, congrats!!

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