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Holiday ideas for nursing staff

  1. 0 This is my first year as a DON. I would like to do something special for my nursing staff for Christmas. Anyone have any affordable ideas?
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    I have had a pot luck in the past.
    I also have written down each staff members name and then had staff randomly draw a name. They then have to write a one to two sentences about this person on paper and give it back to me that day. It needs to be something nice. After a 10 day worth of what co-workers said, I typed up the things that were written on nice paper, omitted the staff persons name that wrote the sentences, rolled them up and tied with a ribbon and little charm (can find in craft store for like 50 cents a piece). We then presented them to each person as a gift. It is nice to get the kudos from co-workers.
    Some common things:
    I like Jane Doe because she always helps out when asked.
    I like Jane Doe because her garbage is always empty when I come to work.
    If an employee does not like the persons name they drew they still had to say something nice...One said I like Jane Doe's is my favorite color.

    Great gift and team building.
    Good Luck