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First night working on my own at a SNF

  1. 1 So today was supposed to be my first night working alone after 7 days of orienting. I spent each day and shift on different stations. Never really got to know my patients during orientation. Shift was supposed to be from 3-1130 PM. I didn't finish til 130 AM. Took no breaks, not even a 30 minute break for dinner. Had about 30 patients with many on PRN pain meds. They count down every second and make it seem like a life and death situation if they don't get it at the time they're supposed to. For some reason, I just don't ethically feel good about this sort of environment or the nature of the business. Have a job interview in two days for a Cardiology Clinic. REALLY hope it pans out. They seem to like my work experience and think I would fit in great at their clinic. What a day what a day....hopefully its one of my last days here.
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    I know working in a SNF is hard. I hope you get the job!
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    I worked in a LTC/SNF for a year before I got a clinic job and ever minute there was pure misery and Hell. I will never go back to SNF/LTC.