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  1. 0 Are you also the Staff Educator? I am thinking about setting up a years worth of education and putting out a calender that the staff can refer to. Has anyone done this? Any tips?
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    I've been a staff development coordinator and at one building that was also part of the DNS' duties.
    I put out a monthly calendar with all the planned in-services. I sent out a poll asking the staff what they needed more education on and made sure they got it.
    Every staff member had a 'mail box' so I would go around every month and give them that month's packet...
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    We use Caretracker and Care2Learn. Great products. E. mail via caretracker all staff. Im thinking of setting uo the mandatory list this way....Abuse Neglect....Fire Safety....Safe Needle...
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    I've used CareTracker for documentation but not for education. I've also used Silver Chair which isn't too expensive, but I found the courses to be too basic and often had incorrect answers! They got tired of getting emails from me correcting them!
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    LOL.....No I use Caretracker to send messages to staff.
    Care2Learn for education. Really nice program.

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