are there any Assisted Living nurses out there?

  1. How often are you doing assessments in your RCAC facilities? I do a comprehensive pre-admission assessment, then a weekly health assessment. I have been told by other RCAC nurses, they only do Assessments on admission, at 6 months, then annually,also with any change in condition. Looking for answers, Our DHS requirements are very minimal.
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  3. by   LightMyFire
    I think I'd love to score an AL job. I'm so sick of med-surg.
  4. by   fizzylime
    We do move in, 14 day, and then every 90 days or upon change or condition/return from inpatient. For my diabetics, CHF, low Braden scoring, and others with chronic conditions we do daily vital monitoring and skin checks per MD order (weights and glucose, etc) and then monthly POC reviews based off those trends.
  5. by   Mary in Memphis
    We do a comprehensive admission assessment along with a fall risk assessment, a wander/elopement risk assessment form and a self-administration of Meds assessment. For AL residents we repeat this every 6 months and with change in status or readmission. We also complete a monthly wellness check. For our residents in our AL secured dementia unit we complete these assessments every 3 months. We also complete a behavior asssessment form for these.

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