Any good LTC/nursing home magazines??

  1. Hi,
    Do you guys all read magazines/journals to keep up with the nursing trend, continue to educate yourselves?

    last night, working night was terrible... I've been working in the nursing home for 5 months now, it really hit me how much knowledge and critical thinking skills I was lacking... I want to start doing some reading.

    Any US published magazines you guys recommend?
    thanks so much!
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  3. by   RingaLing
    My favorite is McKnights (McKnight's Long Term Care News). Gives a great overview of all departments. I also enjoy Provider, Advance for Long Term Care, and Long Term Care Living. All will give you a free subscription, and have web presences.
  4. by   Chris81
    Agree c RingaLing-the all help explain WHY you have to do WHAT you have to do in LTC. Ours in one of the most regulated areas of healthcare. As more directives and documentation are required,person-centered care and quality indicator surveys drive the floor nurse to be a SUPERNURSE to serve his/ her elder/resident/pt. These publications help to educate admin./management,but as an LPN floor nurse for 33 yrs.,it behooves ME to make myself aware of upcoming changes/trends,feel which way the wind is blowing and be proactive in my assessments and documentation,since the upper eschelon does not always explain the latest "...we need more doc. on this..." Happy Reading!
  5. by   Chris81
    Medscape-Geriatrics is also excellent resource.

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