Weatherford LVN-RN May 2017

  1. Just submitted my application to Weatherford College. Does anyone know what last years cut off points for wise and weatherford were? Anyone else apply yet? What did y'all's scores range from? I'm kind of nervous.
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  3. by   RaniStorm
    I am also trying to figure out the number of points needed for last year! No idea. I know the ADN program needed around 35pts but this is the LVN-ADN.
  4. by   NurseJJ17
    Well, hopefully the next month and a half rolls by pretty fast! Good luck to you.
  5. by   AGomez123
    Hey guys!
    Do any of you all know approximately when the acceptance/alternate letters will be mailed out? I am also a hopeful applicant
  6. by   NurseJJ17
    Did you get in?!?!
  7. by   NurseJJ17
    Did you get in?