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WCJC LVN to ADN Spring 2014

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    I am hoping to get in to the Wharton County Junior College LVN to ADN program for Spring 2014. I have looked for reviews on this program and have not found much. Is anyone currently in this program or completed the program? If so, can you provide some feedback? Unfortunately, I have to wait until Spring 2014 so that I can satisfy the one year of recent LVN experience requirement. I would be short a couple of months by Spring 2013 since I recently returned to nursing.

    Anyone else aiming for the spring 2014 program?

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    I too am applying to the LVN program at WCJC (and a few other schools at that). I am so anxious to apply and I PRAY I get in. It is my passion!!!!
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    Hi stefonee356! Have you finished all of your pre-reqs yet? What all do you need to do? Are you aiming for Spring 2013 or 2014?
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    Have either of you reviewed lamarpa.edu? They have a bridge program. Ya'll might live in a county that they don't accept applicants from? Four begin dates per year.
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    Hi I'm trying to complete all my pre reqs but I'm also thinking of maybe applying for lvn is it worth it or should I just go straight for rn program?