Pasadena City College LVN to RN help

  1. For any that's done the LVN to RN program at Pasadena City College or the generic program I have a question. My question is, are you still able to graduate from the program if you haven't finished all your GE's to get your associates degree? I will be done with the program December 2011, but I still have about 4 classes to take to fulfill my AA requirements. I will start the LVN to RN this January, do you know if we will have the whole summer break? If so, I can probably take 2 classes during the summer break but that still leaves me with 2 more classes. Will I be able to graduate? Or will they hold off my RN certificate until I finish all my AA requirements? Thanks.
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  3. by   peekabust
    Hello Watermelon,
    I'm actually just about to begin my RN venture this fall. From my understanding, you do need to complete the all GE requirements to receive your diploma. On a separate note; do you know if we can buy the old edition books than that required. I'm looking at the price difference between old and new edition and the savings are huge. Do you know if the instructors allow us to use older editions?
    Thank you very much!!