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    I have a question. I'm currently going to get my LPN degree from Vinal tech. But, I heard from someone that legislation is now changing that some of credits are going to transfer over from the military since I was an Air Force Medic. I was doing IVs, procedures, and so on. But, the state of CT didn't recognize them at that time. Now, that legislation is changing and I'm trying to get my RN degree, how will that change for me since I'm getting my LPN degree and still be certified to do IVs, EKGs, and so on?
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    That's an interesting question. Many of the certifications you're listing are skills, which you may be able to get waived, but I don't know how credits from a tech college transfer toward a bachelor's. I would talk with the folks at your school. If they don't know, do you still know anyone in the military who would be able to tell you?
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    It matters with your school. The community college here in San Antonio just adopted the medic to RN program, which is awesome!!
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