Maricopa CC/ASU or NAU Concurrent Program RN/BSN Maricopa CC/ASU or NAU Concurrent Program RN/BSN | allnurses

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Maricopa CC/ASU or NAU Concurrent Program RN/BSN

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    I'm from phoenix, AZ. I have has my LPN license for 5 years now and am ready to go back for my rn/bsn. I'm trying to decide on a school. Is anyone enrolled in the CEP with ASU or NAU or has anyone already graduated from the program. I will be advanced placement into Block 3. I'm just looking for any info on how you think the program is or any advice from someone who's 'been there, done that'. I'm also looking in to Grand Canyon at the moment as well. Hoping it will be obvious to me which program to choose but right now I don't know. Any input would be helpful! Thank you. If I do attend a CC, it will be Gateway that I apply for.
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