LVN to RN Transition course Chaffey Community College Rancho Cucamonga CA

  1. Looking for anyone who has successfully completed Chaffey Community college's LVN to RN transition course (NURADN 3 and NURADN 3L). I would appreciate feedback, from anyone who has successfully passed this course AND went on to start the RN program into 2nd or 3rd semester. I am currently taking this course.
    thank you in advance !
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  3. by   marthasalmon
    Hi! I start Chaffeys transition course in Feb. Did you pass? Did you get into the program? Thanks for your time
  4. by   dorkiexcici
    never head of this college. gotta research this out. thanks~
  5. by   lkblough
    HI, I know this is an old post of yours but did you pass 3 and 3L, if so how hard was it and what were the instructors like? I just applied for this class today.