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    Hi all!

    I'm currently in an LVN to RN program here in Texas. I'm wanting to get either my BSN or MSN from Western Governors University. My plan is to jump right in after my graduation this December, but is it wise to go straight for the MSN? Does it look better to be working as an RN so many years then get the MSN.

    Thoughts? Comments?


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    I would say you should do it. I took the same route from lvn to MSN. It took me 8 years while working full time. It was tough but doable.
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    what program are you doing your LVN to ADN?
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    Quote from crysslynn2
    what program are you doing your LVN to ADN?

    Martha Fessler School of Nursing at Hallmark College in San Antonio, Texas.
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    Hi, I am currently looking at enrolling at Hallmark.. how do you like it?

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