LPN to RN BSN Online in NC

  1. Hey I am looking for anyone who is a LPN going through The College Network/Indiana State University RN BSN program in the Raleigh, NC area. I am a LPN for 5 1/2 years, have worked in LTC, Rehab involving new knees, hips, etc, Psych for adolescants and home health. Just looking for some feedback on your experience good or bad. Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   Dream2Reality
    I'm not going through that program or anything but from what I heard College network is just a publishing company. There is no need to go through them unless you want them to convince you to spend more money on study guides. Contact ISU directly.
  4. by   LPN4U
    Thanks Dream2Reality...Im looking for both aspects of it as well. Students of ISU going through the program directly and those who have used The College Network in this area. Thanks again for your input.
  5. by   jailbirds
    I know this post is pretty old but ISU' s website says NC does not recognize the LPN-BS track. Did you complete the program?
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