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  1. 0 I really want to go back to school full-time.... but I also need to still work full-time (Impossible I know). I was wondering is Valencia bridge LPN to RN mostly online? or is that just the pre-req's? I really need a school that will work around my job and children. I am looking at Excelsior LPN-RN and I know they are accredited by SACS and NLNAC but I am so afraid it will be so hard to find a job compared to someone who did the classes on campus. Another thing about Excelsior is there are certain states like California that will not accept that school and I really don't want any restrictions on my licenses. If I did decide to go to Excelsior and get my associates but go to a campus school to get my masters will I be able to work in the states that do not except Excelsior?
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