LPN to RN or 4 year degree?

  1. I'm trying to add up how long it'll take to do a lpn to rn including all the pre reqs and the CNA training that's required vs a 4 year degree
    Do RNs with with 4 year degree make more than one that did the bridge? And are there a lot more job opening for those with degrees

    If I decide to become an RN then do a bridge to BSN would that count or be equal to a 4 year degree?

    For those who decide to go straight to RN do they go to school everyday mon-fri like a regular school day for 4 years? and how long will the 4 year degree take including the pre requs?

    My ultimate goal its to become a travel nurse i'd love to travel with my job if I couldn't find any RN openings i'll always have CNA and LPN under my belt if I take the bridge I need help trying to decide what to do with my life :/ i'm only 16 and on my way to getting my GED
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