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Lonestar LVN-RN transition

  1. 0 Has anyone completed or applied to the LVN-RN transition program at any of the Lonestar schools in the Houston area?

    ~~If you've applied-
    What was your score?
    Were you accepted?
    How long did it take to get your acceptance letter?

    ~~If you completed the program-
    Did you work during it as well?
    Was the program harder/easier than you thought?
    What did your schedule look like? School Monday through Friday 8-5?
    Was it hard going back to school after being a LVN?

    I'm just curious about other people's experiences. I am planning to apply for the transition program in Tomball, fingers crossed!!

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    bumping...I wanna know too.
    Planning on applying next round.
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    wish someone would answer