Lamar PA Online LVN to RN Students **Read This!

  1. If you are starting this Sept 17 with the FIRST nursing class: ITSC 1371
    There are assignments and exam due beginning with 2nd class day!!!
    DON'T wait until the weekend to login! There are DAILY assignments.

    GOOD LUCK to everyone!
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  3. by   ryeus
    I am starting the lamar pa online program in Jan.2013 looking for a studying partner for the journey anyone else out there??
  4. by   txnurse728
    I start in January too...nervous. I live in Victoria , Tx.
  5. by   ryeus
    How is it going for you one course computers down and 2 exams out of the way.
  6. by   lvnyesterday
    Has the board allowed this program to start taking in new students again?