Is the Valencia College lpn-rn hard to get into? Is the Valencia College lpn-rn hard to get into? | allnurses

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Is the Valencia College lpn-rn hard to get into?

  1. 0 I know that VCC has a waitlist for their generic rn track and that applicants just need to complete the minimum requirements to be put on the waitlist but I was wondering if the lpn-rn bridge program was similar. After completing the pre-reqs and applying do they accept you into the next class or is it more competitive?
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    No it is not similar, it is much harder to get into. You have to have all of your pre-reqs completed, take the TEAS, be IV certified, CPR up to date, and then pay he app fee. They have a new group start each semester, but the class size is fairly small, under 25 if I remember correctly. They go by GPA more that anything, and I know that it typically cuts off around 3.4. It's pretty competitive.
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    I was accepted after my first apllication (start fall'14) My overall gpa was 3.25; however, it was that low because i didn't withdraw from a semester in time and i had 3 Fs on my transcript. I had an A in all of my pre-reqs with the exception of a B in Microbiology. My TEAS score was 83%.