I passed!

  1. It has been a long hard road, but I can say that I am officially done with my classes! Pinning Ceremony May 11th, RN here I come !
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  3. by   sleepycat7
  4. by   eturner7
  5. by   ToyaB
    You go girl!
  6. by   Prettybrowngirl
    Sending a huge congrats your way!! What an accomplishment! Wishing you all the best on the NCLEX :-).
  7. by   massagen
    I am looking for people waiting to hear from Brevard Community College RN Fall 2013 program.
    No idea where to find.
  8. by   Ownit
    Well done!
  9. by   nurse_van2014
  10. by   genaluvya
    u go girl, best of luck ....
  11. by   nursepancake
    Congrats!.......I'm wishing you the BEST!