How many LPN graduates work in a hospital? How many LPN graduates work in a hospital? | allnurses

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How many LPN graduates work in a hospital?

  1. 0 I know because of state regulations everyone prefers RNs work in a hospital or an emergency room, because a physician will much rather prefer having an RN handle procedures during an emergency situation rather than LPN and then having to wait for a registered nurse to take over, but any of you members actually got a job as an LPN I the hospital before continuing towards your RN? I would not mind working in a facility as an LPN at all during working towards becoming an RN but was just wondering if there is any chance I could work in the hospital?
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    I guess it depends on where you are lving. Where I am ( Canada) PNs work in almost every part of the hospital).Does your state prohibit LPNs from working in the hospital?
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    Cleveland Ohio here guys.. I know everywhere in the world is so different
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    Lori Canada is probably a lot different and you have different regulations
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    Do you actually have regulations stating where LPNs can work?
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    Quote from alina1235
    Cleveland Ohio here guys.. I know everywhere in the world is so different
    I know some hospitals in Ohio have shifted focus from LPNs to RNs (I'm from Cleveland, too!). I have a friend who is an LPN that in addition to working at an LTC also got a job at EMH (Elyria) and works primarily in the ER but she also floats. She is currently in school getting her RN, too.

    I don't know how Summa (Akron) is now, but I used to work there as a tech and there were LPNs working throughout the hospital. Some of them were in the process of obtaining their RN, others were not. However, I also do know that recently Summa and Akron General laid off some employees, some of them being LPNs with the exception of those who were either retiring soon or have been with the hospital for a long time. With Summa, that might have been because of their Magnet status they achieved in 2011, but I'm not sure.

    Not sure about CCF, Metro or UH. I think Southwest General (part of the UH system in Middleburg Heights) hires LPNs. Your best bet is to search the facilities for job openings.
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    Yes!!!!! Southwest general is my first choice!!!!!!! Then Cleveland clinic, then UH!! Thank you for saying southwest hires LPN's
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    I'm not in Canada , was hired as an LPN, and work in a Hospital. I will be starting an RN program this summer, but was not hired with that expectation.
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    I am really surprised to hear this. Where I am the Pn scope of practice is expanding and we are hired in increasing numbers in hospitals.