Graduated and Bridged Over From LVN to RN!

  1. i finally bridged over from lvn to rn!!!!

    it has been a long journey of hardship, sacrifice, and hard work but, it all paid off in the end! thank you everyone for the support and helpful advice on no onto the next stop.....nclex-rn!!!!
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  3. by   misdetermined
    Congratulations! I know it wasn't easy but you did it! I'm currently enrolled in a LPN to RN program. Where did you graduate from?
  4. by   Adri :)
    Woot Woot!!! I start my bridge program on June 4th. Cant wait. Congrats to you!
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  6. by   LoveMy2Brats
    Congrats! I am in a bridge program right now! I am looking forward to posting a blog like yours in the future! Please let us know when you pass your NCLEX!