Athabasca university?? From US

  1. I was wondering about this. Can I actually take this program if I'm located in the US? Cost? Ive been an LPN for 8yrs. thanks
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  3. by   loriangel14
    You would have to contact the university for international admission requirements. You would likely have to do the clinical portion in Canada. I would contact the university and ask about arrangements for international students.The website does indicate that applicants that aren't Canadian residents will have to have educations evaluated before being accepted.

    They have provisions for non Canadian students so it must be possible.
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  4. by   cfcgogo
    I am looking at this program, too. According to the website, didactic work is done via distance ed and for the clinical component, students must go to Calgary or Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. The biggest challenge would be that the capstone experience requires one to be there for 10 weeks. While it sounds exciting, that is a big commitment. A great factor is that the web says students can start immediately after enrollment. That is wonderful! Would love to hear from students/alums! Especially those from the U.S. doing this program. Thx.