Alaska Lpn to Rn approved programs?

  1. Hello, I have just recently moved to Anchorage and am an Lpn with active license from Alabama. I am working on getting my license moved here.. We will be moving on to the Matsu Valley (Wasilla /Palmer) I was wondering if anyone from here can tell me the ways the Alaska Board of Nursing allows us to do the Lpn to Rn bridge programs? Like what colleges/ universities in person are here and also are any programs/colleges online allowed/accepted so that I can sit for the Rn Nclex? I have heard of Excelsior and others but didnt know what is acceptable by the board here. Thank you so much for reading and any help with this.
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  3. by   Kaligirl02
    I see you have not recieved a response.
    I heard the alaska bon does allow lpn's to do excelsior for the bridge.
    But an excelsior RN is not honored in certain states. I want to finish lpn school and do the bridge program but I am from California and Califfornia does not honor this school :-( I heard UAA's program is superb. i believe the have expansion stites. hope this helps! Stay warm!